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In A Relationship Bree Desborough, Taylor Cole, Whitney Duncan (rumored) Vinnie Patterson (Home and Away), Jay Robertson (Summerland), Howard Mc Laughlin (Flicka), Jason Stackhouse (True Blood) Kwanten, who in person is reportedly more shy and private than the characters he portrays, became an actor by accident.

Over a year ago, one of the sexiest supernatural shows on TV, True Blood, met its untimely true death. Pa Ric made a successful new empire of New Blood from Sarah Newlin's blood, and lastly, Sarah Newlin tormented by Steve Newlin's ghost in Fangtasia's basement - which is what she deserves for being a horrible, horrible bitch. don't lie, I miss True Blood, and I'm sure you still do too.

“The fact that he is sort of experienced in addiction, he knows the highs and lows, so he can talk Andy through it." As a deputy now, Jason finds himself in a whole new position of authority in Bon Temps that comes with wearing the uniform. It wouldn’t be if the men’s best physical assets weren’t highlighted, right? “There was a good amount of laughing when I tried it on and then some squeamish looks as if to say, ‘Hang on a sec, what if you need to run in this thing?

’” “Running in it is relatively painful,” he continues.

), Anna reprised her role as Rogue in X-Men Days of Future Past (Rogue Cut),and is set to return to HBO in a new miniseries she's developing with Steve and Jack Black as Madame X.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift continue to scandalize the tabloids with outings and “dates,” making their much-rumored relationship semi-public.

The morning after the pair attended the after-party (together?

), they enjoyed a slow weekend brunch at Park Slope’s Al Di Là.

Meanwhile, Ryan Kwanten charmed the wait staff (and no doubt his date, too) with cutesy antics while at the Stanton Social for dinner — at one point he was even dancing in his chair.

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Doch während die Menschen von der Speisekarte genommen werden (nur an willigen Menschen - Fangbangers - darf noch gesaugt werden), bleiben die meisten von ihnen skeptisch, was die Kreaturen aus dem Sarg angeht.

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