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Often, people confuse form validations with form security.

Form security (preventing exploits like SQL injection, XSS attacks etc ) are to be handled in addition to form validation.

PHP security isn’t just an option anymore; it’s a necessity.

Sites are hacked daily, and as you build a site using PHP, you need to know how to keep it safe from the bad guys.

It is very essential to have the input to your form validated before taking the form submission data for further processing.

When there are many fields in the form, the PHP validation script becomes too complex.

Simfatic Forms helps you to make complete, feature rich web forms and get it online quickly. This generic PHP form validator script makes it very easy to add validations to your form.

We create and associate a set of “validation descriptors” with each element in the form.

When you use the form data in an SQL query, it should be validated against SQL Injection.

After that a quick example shows ways to validate different kinds of data that might come from an HTML form.

The third topic is the new-to-PHP 5 PECL library called Filter.

PHP security is securing your site in PHP, to help prevent the bad guys from gaining unauthorized access to your site’s data.

It helps you keep your data’s integrity and ensures availability as needed.

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You can start doing this in PHP with validating and sanitizing data on your site, which is what I’ll be sharing in this article.

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