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After playing a little bit with Lasp I watched a few talks by its creator: Christopher Meiklejohn.

After watching his talk “Distributed, Eventually Consistent Computations” I decided it was time to interview Christopher. Originally, Lasp was a programming model designed for deterministic distributed computing with weak synchronization.

In my opinion, pg2 is one of the coolest tools in the OTP toolbox, and has been a component of almost every distributed Elixir application I have worked with, including Phoenix.

In a nutshell, pg2 allows you to group processes, using a simple API, across all of your nodes.

I do have a lot of BL on my favorite list for this site, mostly because it's what's available here. They are more lenient than some because my own art is not that's great and I hope others would give it a chance should I post something one day. Sometimes it can further the plot, a good example being another story on this site that a follow (yes, bl.

So, I’d say at this point Lasp, in the academic sense refers to the original programming model, but Lasp in the industrial sense, refers to the entire suite of libraries that deliver the programming system and programming model at large scale. One of the big challenges in distributed computing is related to consistency.

When a network partition occurs, any system that is managing replicated data must make a choice: do they allow operations to proceed, remaining available-under-partition, or do they prohibit operations to proceed, remaining consistent-under-partition.

Our easy to use ticketing system facilitates over 82M tickets a year, supporting over 2000 organizations in the US alone.

At this point it should come as no surprise for you to learn that here at Not a Monad Tutorial we are are interested in distributed systems and Erlang.

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