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I generally do not write off anyone after a first date unless it is just a really obviously bad date and somebody I would totally NOT be interested in. You have it right away or you reject that person despite there could be lots of potential and common interests? Sometimes I would go out with someone 2 or 3 times and feel like it just isn't working (nothing you can really put your finger on) so we call it off.But when you find yourself across the dinner table with someone and there isn't anything wrong with them but you're just not feeling them, I say try another date with this person and another venue, change of scenery, activity and see how it goes. No wonder dating leads nowhere...i guess u just like to have it complex's very simple and i dont know why would you think it's's not going to make u fall in love with this person even if you date her all your life ...u felt it ....usually u feel it from the first date .....u dont tell people off but i guess they should understand that u dont feel the same way and if they dont then so be it's life , u move on and they'll move on eventually goes round ... However, we would keep in touch (chat, e-mail, etc) and suddenly, when the pressures of dating are removed... I think for some folks it is very hard to just relax and be yourself early on in the dating process...A meeting is set up for them to actually meet in person.The meeting occurs and very frequently one or both of them find that they are NOT attracted to the other person.He has a continuously growing relationship with God, uses his gifts to serve actively in the church, is under the authority of his pastors and mentor, loves me like crazy, is looking forward to being a father and provider, etc.

It is one of our most powerful mate selection criteria.

Unless it was someone I got along with enough to hang out with but not date and that person was ok with it.

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In addition, it’s a sad fact that today in society people often use physical attraction as their “only” gauge of whether to pursue a relationship.

This notion is reinforced constantly by our media and leads to large numbers of shallow, dysfunctional and ultimately failed relationships.

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