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So buckle your seat belts; this may get a bit bumpy.The good news is that you will probably not recognize yourself here – though I’ll bet you have a friend or someone else in your life who is The Bitter Woman.

I wonder whether any of these self-proclaimed mature women ever wondered there's something they are not listening to.How women who are dating over 40 can recognize the Bitter Woman Femi Type and avoid becoming it In an effort to help you understand the man side of this midlife dating experience, I’ve introduced you to The Princess, The 18 Year Old, The Scaredy Cat and The Wow-Me Woman: all Femi Types* that send good men running.Today I’m going to talk about perhaps the most challenging of all Femi Types: The Bitter Woman.Women tell this growing number of guys all sort of things, but not many of the women do any self-reflection and ask what's going on here that men are becoming so bitter and resentful towards women.DO you think these men are all so stupid to hateand become bitter just out of self-entitlement and childishness?

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(These are not women to talk to about your search for love, btw.)Who hasn’t had periods of feeling bitter?

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